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Hi, I'm Laurel


I'm a stage manager who primarily works  in the fields of opera. Opera found me while I was working on my undergraduate degree. After being assigned to call a performance of Patience I was bitten by the opera bug and here I've been ever since. During my time I had the pleasure to assist in teaching beginning stage management and I have enjoyed mentoring young stage managers ever since. In 2015 I completed my BA in Theatrical Stage Management and Arts Administration and Business at Colorado State University. 

In the years since the completion of her degree I have enjoyed working on a variety of projects in several exciting settings. The majority of my work has been in the field of opera, I love the added elements of musical performance and technical skill.  I particularly enjoy working on new opera. Bringing new voices and new stories to the opera cannon is important work and a privilege to be a part of. I would also like to thank my family and friends for their unwavering support of my education and work.

So, what's with the tiny table? 

When we make art we are asking for a lot and sometimes a smile and a laugh helps the day move forward. That's why I always travel with a tiny red table. You will find it at my console, at my table, anywhere I end up. The tiny table is there for flipping and to bring smiles into the room.

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